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The Fourth Leg, Margate to Whitstable

Tim reached Whitstable this evening after what seems to have been a war of attrition between himself and the sea. An obviously exhausted Tim landed in much need of a bath and a good night's sleep, completing the gruelling 22 mile journey in just under eight hours. The short, choppy water combined with variable winds and strong currents made this a particularly difficult and tiring day; this leg of the journey became the second longest after the channel crossing itself.

Lilibet in Kentish Waters. Or is it Waters of Kent? "My joints are aching, it was very tough", said Tim. "I'm just delighted to be in Whitstable. I'd like to think the worst is behind us, but unfortunately I think we've got a bit more of these conditions yet. There's no headland and the wind comes at you from all directions. I don't think I'll ever be rowing this bit again. I can see why they built the Reculver fort where they did - by the time you get there you need a rest. Getting marooned on a sand bank didn't help."

Whitstable is home to a thriving fishing industry, in particular the Oyster Fishery Company is one of the oldest public companies in Europe. The town is also home to one of the country's leading yacht clubs, who presenting Tim with a club Burgee, an honour normally reserved for members. The flag, a Canterbury Cross in red on a white shield with a blue background, will fly proudly from Lilibet II on her travels as soon as it can be reliably attached.

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